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New Seasonal Closure For Demersal Species Begins Tomorrow starstarstarstarstar   14th October 2009 - Views: 1054 Fisheries and Marine Officers will be out and about in the West Coast Bioregion, from tomorrow, to enforce the new seasonal closure for `high-risk' demersal scalefish.

Croatian Tuna Farm Takes A Major Step Towards Sustainable Farming Of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna starstarstarstarstar   7th October 2009 - Views: 1363 A vital step towards closed life cycle farming of the commercially valuable Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna (NBT) was achieved in the Adriatic farming sites of Kali Tuna, a Croatian tuna farming company and the laboratories of the University of Split.

18 Illegal Crab Fishers Fined In Fremantle Court starstarstarstarstar   30th July 2009 - Views: 1334 In Fremantle Court on Tuesday (28 July 2009), 18 people were ordered to pay between $264 and $554 in fines, mandatory penalties and court costs after being apprehended and charged by Fisheries and Marine Officers with illegal crab fishing earlier this year.

Commercial Fisher Loses Licence For 12 Months starstarstarstarstar   5th June 2009 - Views: 1278 A magistrate in Kununurra has stripped a 54-year-old man of his commercial fishing licence for 12 months, after the fisher committed a number of netting offences last year.

Mid West Fisheries Officers Seize Fish After House Search 1 starstarstarstarstar   20th April 2009 - Views: 1303 A search of a Kalbarri house last Wednesday (15 April 2009) has led to the seizure of more than 180 kilograms of filleted fish believed to be from Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel.

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