Victoria's Figure Skating Olympians Of The Future Pull Out All The Stops

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25th August 2008, 05:10pm - Views: 1379




Young figure skaters with big dreams in Melbourne are fighting to ignite their own

Olympic flame as the lack of facilities and ice time is ripping a hole in their dreams.

Skate Academy in Melbourne is doing everything it can to change the face of figure

skating in Australia by trying to help these youngsters see their dreams become a reality.

Skate Academy is the brainchild of Karolina Korfanty, a passionate coach on a mission

and Kylie Carlson, a parent of a promising young skater. Together they are delivering

early morning training programs for skaters to attend before school who are trying to

realise their potential. However, it still isn’t enough to get these young hopefuls to the

Winter Olympics in 2014.

Skate Academy are hoping to launch an elite structured training school that will operate

Monday – Friday replacing mainstream education for these skaters and allowing them to

maximize their time spent on and off the ice. This would be the first program of its type

in Australia for figure skating. Teamed with Distance Education Centre Victoria this

program has been modeled on the already successful versions running in Canada, UK,

US to name a few.

Unlike a lot of Summer Olympic Sports, Figure Skating receives practically nothing by

way of government funding or sponsorship without which most sports can’t survive.

What does Figure Skating as a sport need to do to be welcomed into the Australian

Sporting Family? Help us to revolutionise Figure Skating in Australia and let our young

Winter Olympians of the future have the chance to achieve more gold medals for our

wonderful country.

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