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8th July 2008, 02:43pm - Views: 1307

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Rugby League Yarns Press Release


Tuesday 8th July, 2008 


To celebrate Rugby League’s centenary year, leading league journalist, author

and administrator NEIL CADIGAN in conjunction with Splash Management, has created this

eclectic compilation of stories which typify the spirit, the humour and the often unexpected

happenings in The Greatest Game of All.

The book, called Rugby League Yarns, includes 100 stories which relive some of the remarkable,

humorous or off-beat stories from the game at Test, club and even bush level.

Some of the yarns have been well told in print; others were destined to recollections around the

bar at footy reunions but an eventual death in time. Most are in the ‘amazing but true’ category;

others lie somewhere between myth, folklore and fact. 

Did Chris Mortimer really rip off a cast and remove screws from a broken hand to play for Penrith

in the late 1980s? Is the Bowler Hat episode from the 1967-68 Kangaroo tour a real event or the

exaggerated newspaper report that grew into legend? 

Who was the bleeding international hooker who ran off the field and called an ambulance before

the medicos could assist him? Who is the Aussie Test player who was subject of a big con by a

man professing to be an officer in the French Foreign Legion?

What happened when the Clive Churchill Medal went missing moments before it was to be

presented on grand final day? How was the French touring side convinced to halt a mass walk-off

during a match in Queensland?

This book includes 100 such ‘yarns’ – some accompanied by fitting cartoons by the Daily

Telegraph’s Scott ‘Boo’ Bailey -  reflect the character, camaraderie and charisma of rugby league

over a century.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this book, published on behalf of Splash

Entertainment, will be donated to the Men of League Foundation. Men of League is an

organisation with more than 7000 members whose charter is to assist former players and

members of the rugby league community who may require assistance in their every day lives.

“Like most old footballers, I have heard plenty remarkable and humorous yarns over the years

and often heard someone say ‘we could write a book about that’,” says Team of the Century

second-rower Ron Coote.

“Well I’m glad to say that, through author and long-time rugby league journalist Neil Cadigan,

such a book finally has been written. And he has done it in outstanding, entertaining, fashion.”

Splash Entertainment ( or at selection retail outlets, including Peter

Wynn’s Score at Parramatta.

Rugby League Yarns by Neil Cadigan. Published by Dolphin Press and Splash Management.

RRP $30.

Publicity and Promotional enquiries- Karen Doherty, Splash Management

E:   P: (02) 9007 6400

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