Australian Olympic Swimming Team Sings To Victory

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12th August 2008, 08:15am - Views: 1570

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11 August 2008

Olympic swimmers sing to swim

The Australian Olympic Swimming Team has a secret weapon to motivate their success in Beijing – a team song

they composed and wrote themselves.

Just days before heading to the Olympics, the team of 43 swimmers spent time in the music studio instead of the

swimming pool, participating in an innovative Muso Magic™ programme of team building through song writing and

music production.

The end production was a professionally recorded anthem, titled Watch Us Come Alive (Live It, Dream It).

Muso Magic™ founder Adam Thompson (an ARIA winner with gold and platinum albums) said the team building

exercise was designed to push the team outside of their comfort zone however he was not surprised that hidden

musical talents were unveiled.

“This is an inspirational group of young people and within most teams there are natural musical talents and others

that are nurtured throughout the Muso Magic process,” said Adam. 

“The idea of Muso Magic is for the team to collectively communicate their feelings, desires and ambitions and then

funnel them down into a song.

“We brainstormed words from everyone’s ideas and then amalgamated them to create verses and a chorus.  The

music was developed with some melodic humming and ‘la la la-ing’ to create the melody.” 

“Of course it was scary and embarrassing for them, but as a team they felt comfortable to achieve the desired

outcomes.  They discovered that teamwork hides individual flaws and that using each others strengths builds their

support outside the pool,” said Adam.

He said the entire team pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.  “The swimmers discovered their inner

creativity.  It made them feel warm, proud, inspired and united.”

Adam Thompson runs Muso Magic™ programmes for corporates and students year round and has taken the

programme into remote communities of the Northern Territory and India in his quest to unite people through music.

EDITORS NOTE:  An MP3 FILE of Watch us come alive (Live it, Dream it) is available upon request.

For further information or interview opportunities call Adam Thompson on 0418 270 564 or Linley Frame (former

Olympic swimmer) on 0409 968 484 or Susan Boyd at Infront Communications on 0412 365 122.

Lyrics - Watch Us Come Alive (Live It, Dream It)


I woke up

Ky Hurst

Feeling passion 

Ky Hurst / Melanie Schlanger

I burn inside

Sally Foster

For this time

Stephanie Rice / Grant Hackett

It's my time

Stephanie Rice / Grant Hackett


Don't hold back

Bronte Barrett

Give my all

Lara Davenport / Leith Brodie

Unleash what's inside

Christian Sprenger


Be brave and proud 


I'm ready


Born a hero

Melanie Schlanger

I have no fear 


Believe me


Watch me come alive



We've come so far 

Alicia Coults

On this journey

Bronte Barrett / Leith Brodie

For all to see

Felicity Galvez

It's begun 

Lara Davenport / Shayne Reese

We are one

Lara Davenport / Shayne Reese


Don't hold back

Melanie Schlanger

Give our all

Ky Hurst / Bronte Barrett

Unleash what's inside

Christian Sprenger


Be brave and proud 


We're ready 


Born a hero 

Christian Sprenger

We have no fear 


Believe us


Watch us come alive


Watch me come alive

Yeah yeah

Watch me come alive

Watch me come alive

Yeah yeah

Watch me watch me

Members of the Australian Swimming Team:

Angie   Bainbridge   

Bronte   Barratt   

Grant   Brits   

Leith   Brodie   

Ashley   Callus   

Cate   Campbell   

Alicia   Coutts   

Lara   Davenport   

Ashley   Delaney   

Sophie   Edington   

Nicholas   Ffrost   

Sally   Foster   

Felicity   Galvez   

Melissa   Gorman   

Grant   Hackett   

Samantha   Hamill   

Belinda   Hocking   

Ky   Hurst   

Leisel   Jones   

Andrew   Lauterstein   

Linda   Mackenzie   

Alice   Mills   

Kenrick   Monk   

Patrick   Murphy   

Meagen   Nay   

Travis   Nederpelt   

Kirk   Palmer   

Kylie   Palmer   

Adam   Pine   

Shayne   Reese   

Stephanie   Rice   

Brenton   Rickard   

Jessicah   Schipper   

Melanie   Schlanger   

Emily   Seebohm   

Christian   Sprenger   

Nicholas   Sprenger   

Craig   Stevens   

Hayden   Stoeckel   

Eamon   Sullivan   

Matthew   Targett   

Lisbeth   Trickett   

Tarnee   White  

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